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HSI - Harness Safety and Inspection

Working at Heights is one of the biggest causes of personal injury within the workplace.  Learn to stay safe with this training course.



Learn the relevant safety legislation for working at height safely with safety harnesses.



Understand the need for, and carry out a thorough periodical inspection of Safety Harnesses and safely inspect and wear a Safety Harness


Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will get a CMT certificate valid for 3 years

Course Details

Who Attends?

The Harness Safety and Inspection course aim to understand the requirement for, and carry out a thorough periodical inspection of Safety Harnesses and safely inspect and wear a Safety Harness as to the manufacturer’s instructions and company policy and procedure.

Candidates must be able to identify the intended use of common items of fall protection equipment, requirements for pre-use inspection and correct fitting and adjustment of a full body harness including a good understanding of all current associated legislation requirements.

The Aim?

Working at heights can be dangerous, and you need the best safety equipment you can get. Safety Harness’s are essential when working at height and so are all the other products you can associate with working at height.

Working at Heights is one of the biggest causes of personal injury within the workplace, you must have the correct equipment to stay safe. A safety harness will save your life, so will other forms of fall protection.

Course Content
  • Health & Safety at Work legislation and regulations
  • Identify types of fall arrest/restraint equipment
  • Select fall arrest/restraint equipment
  • Trace-ability
  • CE markings
  • Correct fitting of harnesses
  • Shock absorbing lanyards and fall arrest blocks
  • Anchor points and connectors
  • Care and maintenance of equipment
  • Inspection of harnesses and recording requirements
  • Manufacturers instruction manual (MIM) and associated paperwork
Methods Used

Delegates will be assessed continuously during the course and via multiple choice assessment paper.

Additional Information

Half Day Training


Candidates will receive an in-house certificate which will be valid for three years.


Location of your choice


Please get in touch for dates – 08433 301 236

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Excellent customer service, extremely knowledgeable and really helpful in responding to training queries. We would definitely recommend CMT”

Marie, Riteweld Engineering

“The training went very well, at a good steady pace throughout. I had excellent support which without I wouldn’t have got through the course.On various courses with different training providers, I never got this level of support throughout and even felt neglected at times.

The Fulbourn centre has excellent facilities which were great to learn and develop in.”

Dale, Bouygues

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