LOW - Working in Low Risk Confined Space


For people working in or at confined spaces where work has been assessed and classified as Low Risk and who require pre-assessment training to prepare them for assessment.

Working in confined spaces exposes an individual to a range of potential hazards, some of which may threaten injury and, in some instances may possibly lead to death. Therefore specialist training and assessment is required to equip those undertaking this type of work with the necessary skills and competencies to assess risk, control hazards and work safely.

This course is about entering and working in a low risk environment with adequate natural or mechanical ventilation.

The access appears simple and unobstructed and there is no likely risk of flooding (for example meter pits, valve chambers; stairwells). Low Risk confined spaces could be associated with lone working requiring the application of appropriate procedures.

Content covered during this course include:

  • Prepare to work safely in low risk confined spaces
  • Enter and exit confined spaces safely
  • Use equipment and tools safely
  • Follow procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Use appropriate behaviour for working in low risk confined spaces
  • Use appropriate water industry knowledge for working in low risk confined spaces
  • Apply relevant water industry knowledge for working in low risk confined spaces

Course Information

Course duration

  • One days training and assessment.

Assessment & exams

  • Course tuition will include a high proportion of hands on demonstrations and practical exercises, supplemented with classroom based tutorials and pre and post course assessments.
  • Question papers and practical assessment observation checklists will be submitted upon assessment completion and certificates will be issued subject to final verification – valid for 3 years.

Delegate information

  • All candidates must be clean shaven, if this is not possible we must be notified prior to the course date.
  • Candidates should bring their own safety footwear, waterproof clothing, hard hat and working gloves for the practical exercises.
  • Any person attending this course should be physically and mentally fit to withstand the rigours of training.
  • Candidates should be able to read, write and understand English as all documentation, presentations and examination paperwork will be in English only.

Booking and further information

For further information or to book a place please call 08433 301236 or email us