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Sites are full of so many different types of machinery that it’s important to ensure your staff know the safest way to work with and maintain them. Holding industry recognised qualifications will not only increase the quality of your work but will secure you more work in the future.

Our plant training will help you to work safely, more efficiently and keeping in-line with the latest legislations. We make each course as streamlined as possible, giving you all of the training and skills you need in the shortest time frame.

NPORS Plant Operator Training

NPORS (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme) was formed in 1992, accrediting over 1000 Instructors and Training Providers who operate on National and International projects.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognise NPORS as a competent organisation to accredit, monitor and train Instructors/Training Providers to deliver Operator training and testing. Recognition by the HSE is intended to help set and maintain professional training standards, helping employers select the training organisations who offer a good standard of training.

NPORS Training and Testing can either be competed at our training centres or on your own site (providing your site meets the requirement and the appropriate plant is available).

At CMT we can offer full Foundation Training Courses with NPORS assessments at the end for novice candidates, with no previous experience.

CMT Accredited Plant Training

All of our plant training is available as an in house option.

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