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Working In Confined Spaces Training Courses

Sadly each year people are killed or seriously injured in the UK whilst working in confined spaces. These unfortunate events can happen in a number of industries, such as; Utilities, Petrochemical or Agriculture and can occur in simple storage vessels or in complex plant housing.

Those killed or harmed are either working within the confined space or those trying to rescue workers in the confined space, without the correct confined spaces training or equipment.

This course is suitable for everyone whose job needs them to enter a confined space, including employees, managers, supervisors and rescuers. This confined spaces training course is designed as an introduction to working safely in confined spaces and so no pre-requisite training is needed.

What Is A Confined Space?

A confined space is:

  • any area which is substantially enclosed
  • and where there are risks to health and safety from hazardous conditions or harmful substances.
  • lack of oxygen

If you or any of your employees need to work in these conditions then regular health and safety training such as this confined spaces training course are recommended.

Depending on your specific requirements CMT can offer both in-house and accredited confined spaces training courses from our Cambridge training facility.

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