CS1 - Entry into Confined Space with Escape Sets and Self Rescue


This course is designed for candidates that will be entering area that will be classified as a confined space and where there may be a risk of serious injury or to lives.

A confined space is any space including chamber, vessel, tank, silo, pit or other similar space that is largely enclosed (not always entirely) that contains a foreseeable specified risk of serious injury. A ‘specified risk’ can be any of the following:

  • Fire or explosion causing serious injury

  • Gas, fume, vapour or lack of oxygen causing loss of consciousness

  • Increase in body temperature causing loss of consciousness

  • Increase in the level of liquid causing drowning

  • Free flowing solids causing asphyxiation

Content covered during this course include:

  • Personal protection and hygiene requirements
  • Understanding risk assessments and method statements
  • Types of gaseous atmosphere, gas monitoring equipment and its use
  • The use of harness, fall arrest and retrieval systems
  • The use of escape breathing apparatus and self rescue procedures
  • Safe entry, working and exit procedures at confined spaces
  • Knowledge and skill exercises for planning, permits, entering, working and exiting confined spaces using breathing apparatus as a part of the planned means for self rescue

Course Information

Course duration

  • One day training

Assessment & exams

  • Tuition will include a high proportion of hands on demonstrations and practical exercises, supplemented with classroom based tutorials and pre and post course assessments.
  • The course will be assessed by direct observation, a simulated exercise and written paper. Upon successful completion, candidates will receive a certificate valid for 3 years.

Candidate information

  • Candidates should bring their own PPE including safety footwear, waterproof clothing, hard hat and working gloves for the practical exercises.
  • Candidates attending this course should be physically and mentally fit to withstand the rigours of training.
  • Candidates should be able to read, write and understand English as all documentation, presentations and examination paperwork will be in English only.

Booking and further information

For further information or to book a place please call 08433 301236 or email us