CMT – Helping your company to build on their Mental Awareness

CMT (Construction and Management Training) have further strengthened their offerings by adding Mental Health First Aid to their list of courses available.  The first workshop will take place on the 20th September 2017 at CMT’s flagship training centre based in Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire; however, the training is fully mobile and can be provided nationwide.


Karen Boath, partnership coordinator said “We are very excited about launching this course.  We wanted to provide a training course that would complement our usual high-quality construction based courses, whilst also appealing to a wider audience as it should.  The workshop will give all employers and their teams the tools to recognise the symptoms of mental health issues.  We don’t think any employer can afford to ignore Mental Health.  It is now estimated that Mental Health related absences cost the UK employer £26 billion per year – over £1000 per employee according to Mental Health England.  Our trainer has 20 years’ experience of Mental Health and is exceptionally passionate about mental health.  I have attended a workshop personally and I think it is the right addition to CMT’s course list.

The rise in awareness must be a huge relief to those that suffer with mental health issues.  Thanks to the higher profile mental health awareness has, with the likes of Prince William and Prince Harry discussing it so openly, it felt like the right time to put the course out there to existing and future clients.  This type of course is so important, we hope it will drive employers into recognising they need these tools for their business to progress and flourish; employers really will see the benefit in this training and employees will know their company cares enough about their mental wellbeing to offer the course.  It will go a long way to feeling valued as an employee.  Happy employees are more productive employees.”


The course covers all areas of mental health including Personality Disorders, Depression, Anxiety and Suicide.  It provides attendees with the understanding of how to provide initial help & how to guide a person towards appropriate help thereafter, both in and out of the workplace.


The workshops are delivered over two full days and each attendee will receive their own copy of the Adult MHFA manual and workbook; along with a Certificate of Attendance from MHFA England to confirm they are a trained Mental Health First Aider.


For further details please contact or phone 08433 301 236 to book your space.